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TürExperience our new, extensive glass door assortment!

In addition to the LEBO style- and design door program, we bring even more joy into your house: Discover the LEBO glass door range:

Your benefits

  • Explicit use of German quality products (no import goods).
  • Use of quality hinges from German premium manufacturer DORMA.
  • Unlimited design possibilities with a wide range of designs and different degrees of transparency.
  • Security, easy-care, durability – just 3 of a larger series of clear advantages of glass doors.
  • Living area generates open space impression, even though the door is closed.


The Technologies


  • The glass surface is crafted with state of the art laser technology. Clear and fine outlines allow nearly photorealistic themes.


  • The glass surface is sandblasted on either one or both sides, enabling – as per requirement– different degrees of transparency. The matted surfaces can be equipped with a “premium surface sealing”, increasing the protection of the glass against staining and easing the cleaning characteristics.

Screen printing

  • Ceramic colours are applied upon the float glass by means of screen printing and burned in the glass surface during the tempering phase (turning float glass into tempered safety glass - TSG). This scratch resistant and long lasting coloured coating can be supplied in nearly all colours (similar to RAL).


  • With this particularly beautiful crafting method, CNC-machinery grooves V-channels into the glass surface. Individual optical characteristics are generated due to the particular light refraction within the groove.


Our short delivery times
The delivery times depend on your order times and the delivery duration to your destination. Please have a look at our stock- and quickprogramm.

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