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LEBO presents new all-glass door collection

All-glass doors are becoming increasingly popular: they provide light, perfectly fit to other surfaces and they are easy to clean. So the LEBO team not only updated their entire range of all-glass doors, but also created suitable bestseller all-glass doors for the “Luana” series.

The new collection is characterized by a clear structure: four basic models (clear glass, satinated and with Luana 1 arrangement), which are available from stock as a hinged and sliding door in common dimensions. All special  dimensions for these models are covered by the basic program.

For optimal cross-selling with LEBO wooden doors, all “Luana” motifs are available as all-glass doors in two different finishes. The new collection meets design desires, too; by given motives or by quite individual solutions, e.g. Company logos or labels.

In addition to the standard dimensions, with a maximum nominal size of 1400 mm width and 2500 mm height, any intermediate and special dimensions can be offered.

In addition to the perfect combination of all-glass doors with full-surface door leaves, the LEBO dealers benefit from the collective delivery. Thus, the wooden door leaves are delivered together with the all-glass doors of an order. From three parts per order even picked on a separate pallet. This guarantees even faster processing and redistribution at the dealer.

The complete range of modern and easy to combine designs is available since  March 2018.

Detailed information can be found in LEBO’s own all-glass catalog soon and in the product area on the Lebo website www.lebo.com.

Live, LEBO will be presenting its all-glass collection to its LEBO retailers along with other novelties at its own in-house exhibition in June this year.

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