Drückeraktion bis zum 31.12.2022

In den kalten Jahreszeit die Türen geschlossen halten? Mit Drückern von Lebo gar nicht so schwer.

Wir bieten Ihnen bis zum 31.12.2022 ausgewählte Drücker zum Sonderpreis an.

Interesse? Dann kontaktieren Sie gerne für weitere Informatio ...

T90 Brandschutzelemente auf Anfrage
Einführung mit der neuen Preisliste

Mit Start der neuen Preisliste werden auch T90-Brandschutzelemente mit in das LEBO-Sortiment aufgenommen.

Bei Interesse wende Dich am Besten an Deinen zuständigen

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Your employees
Your sales potential

You never stop learning! Since door sets are a very complex field, the constant training of your employees and workers is key.

When visiting one of our facilities, you’ll learn what it takes to manufacture doors and frames out of the ra ...

PEFC Recertification
Bocholt and Krakow am See

We are very happy to announce that both of our facilities have successfully been recertified according to the PEFC standards by an independent auditor. You want to know more about our PEFC certificates and sustainability in general? No probl ...

Merry Christmas
and a happy new year

Dear business partners and friends of LEBO GmbH,

Another year has gone by - Christmas and the new year are just around the corner. This is the reason why we want to thank you for the good collaborative relationship and the trust placed ...

A little helper for everyday life
Active Stop

Damaged walls or furniture behind doors are not only unpleasant, but also unnecessary – something you and your customer can surely agree on.

Our invisibly built-in „Active Stop“ adds the following advantages to your door:


We like to share
Advertising made easy

Yes, we at LEBO like to share ... also our postings!

Therefore as a LEBO retailer just check out our social media sites and share our posts. Add your contact information in your article or call renovators, home builders & Co. in you ...