The history of LEBO
The history of LEBO

A lot has changed since our founding over 145 years ago. The excitement for high quality door craftsmanship and first-class service has stayed the same to this day. It not only grows with each passing day, but also with each door that leaves our workshop.

Today we manufacture over 900 frames and 1,400 doors daily in our manufacturing workshop. It was a long journey to get to this point. If you like, join us for a part of the journey: through the history of LEBO, our development and our milestones.

All of this is inside your LEBO-door.

LEBO history begins with a carpentry workshop in the heart of Bocholt in Münsterland..



our family-operated company begins its first series production.


After a fire we set up our new building on Händelstrasse in Mussum - where the Bocholt location is today.



we convert our machinery to CNC-circuits. With shorter sequences and more flexibility when it comes to milling, we can now offer you even more variations.


the LB Group takes over our LEBO Türenwerke GmbH & Co and renames us to LEBO GmbH. The green light for a shorter name and a long chain of innovations.

The same year, the new logistics centre in Hamminkeln ensures that your LEBO door gets to your home even faster.



we install our Quick Programme for you. So you get all coated doors manufactured, starting from 1 piece, within just a few weeks.



we maximise the quality and assortment of our white lacquer doors for you. Against all predictions, we embody the spirit of the times and also offer you alternatives in all price classes.

The same year the new frame line in Krakow am See accelerates the manufacturing of your frames with even more precision.

And we bring the post-forming edge to real-wood surfaces onto the market as an innovation. Less colour differentiation between the door surface and edges, less groove-formation, less dirt: more joy for you.


we create the thermo door for you. To preserve warmth inside and the environment outside.


we introduce the NATURE surfaces for you. Robust, striking and completely unique on the market. With attractive pricing.



we become a full-range provider. We complete our assortment with the new fire-protection programme. Now you can get any imaginable door from us - plus a few more.

The same year, we offer you RAL lacquered doors and every desired LEBO door starting from 1 item.

We also strengthen our export and our dealer contacts abroad. Today, you can configure your LEBO door in over 40 countries worldwide.



our Weidhofer Holzmanufaktur GmbH is also renamed: LEBO (Krakow am See) GmbH.

Sanding robots and manual spraying stations now optimise manufacturing at our factory in Bocholt, enabling even more design freedom for your door.

The same year we introduce the digital calculation and order system LEBOlution for the retail trade. The dealer now profits from a quick and secure handling with the click of a mouse. And you profit from even faster service.



our fully-automatic drilling unit accelerates the installation of hinges and locks. Short-notice and high-precision retrofitting can now be performed in record time shortly before each load.

The same year we expand our assortment of glass doors and glass inserts for you. For an even more brilliant perspective.

We are committed to sustainable door production. We protect forests with our environmentally friendly processes, lower energy costs and increase your door enjoyment.



we now offer you our inspiring style worlds in a special new and modern catalogue. They easily help you find the one door amongst all the countless variations that really suits you and matches your furniture. For our LEBO retailers we completed our new brand appearance by introducing an attractive and modular POS system.


we further develop our login area MY LEBO with comprehensive technical information for specialist dealers, professionals and architects.


we expand our product collection with a new all-glass assortment, a new door series and door handles and add new trend surfaces.


we expand the functional door range with RC3 doors. 


we further develop our login area MY LEBO with adding and add our online order tracking.


we wanted to celebrate our 150th company anniversary. Unfortunately we have to postpone this to 2022 due to the Corona Virus.

In August this year the Hörmann Group, Europe's leading supplier of gates, doors, frames and door drives, acquired Lebo GmbH and Lebo (Krakow am See) GmbH.



In 2022, the new LEBO exhibition was modernised; we show our diversity in new dimensions on 240 sqm. We have also invested in a new press system at the Bocholt site for the production of proven and innovative door constructions.


Right now

Have you followed our milestones up to now? Thumbs up! We are honoured and assure you: We will continue to provide you with even more quality, freedom and service in the future as well. Guaranteed.


Have you already discovered your dream door with LEBO?