Door technology with LEBO | LEBOdoors

The basics of door technology
The LEBO door for the curious ones

How does a door actually function? Opening and closing. Right. You don't have to be a specialist to understand that. Expert knowledge is required in order for your door to always open and close impeccably. At LEBO we call it long-established door technology, because we haven't been doing anything else since 1871. Each individual part of your LEBO door has a quality seal of integrity and is guaranteed to be extremely long-lasting. Do you want to get to know your door a bit better? Let's go.

1 | Door leaf

The movable and largest part is particularly striking. The part that most people refer to as 'door'. You can select a number of surfaces and inner parts for your door leaf depending on the requirements and your personal preference.

2 | Surface

LEBO offers you a great variety of design options. The look of your door is primarily defined by the door leaf. Choose between many beautiful surfaces made from wood, glass, lacquer or CPL for your door leaf. Take a moment to browse right now if you like.

3 | Lock and door handle

Your door needs a lock to be able to close. It is connected with the door lever (door handle). This allows you to open and close your door. And open. And close.

4 | Core

The inner parts of your LEBO-door are concealed inside the core of the door. LEBO offers you 3 different options: tubular-chipboard strips, tubular chipboard and solid chipboard.

5 | Frame

The frame is the fixed counterpart for the door leaf in the wall. The area that gives your door a frame. The door leaf and frame create a solid unit and should always fit well together.

6 | Door closer

Our door closers allow wing doors to close automatically again in a controlled manner after being opened.

7 | DIN left / DIN right

These indications show you which direction the door opens. DIN left means that you pull the door open from the right to the left. DIN right signifies the exact opposite: from left to right.

8 | Hinges

The door leaf is mounted in a movable manner inside the frame with the hinges. The hinges are the joints of your door. They allow you to open and close your door. Or to take it off its hinges, if needed.

9 | Ventilation grille

Our ventilation grilles allow ventilation and aeration of rooms that do not have a window or ventilation system for instance. Ventilation grilles are also often used in rooms with high humidity.

10 | Drop seal

In order to stop noise and drafts from getting in unhindered between the floor and the door, we recommend our automatic drop seal.

11 | Wide-angle spyhole

Prevent entry of unwanted guests in your rooms with our spyhole. Thanks to wide-angle optics, you can see who is at the door without having to open it.


Your door has even more qualities - for example the upper and side edges. They can be rounded, squared or blunt. Depending on the design. This is another reason why our doors are available in so many diverse looks.
With light openings you can determine how much light can enter the room from the adjoining room. But also how much of the private sphere you would like to disclose to the outside. Or should your door be made completely out of glass? No matter what you are looking for: LEBO always has clear solutions for you.

Functional doors

If your door needs to satisfy special requirements then our functional doors are the right choice for you. Because at LEBO we build doors to meet all needs: thermo door, sound insulation door, burglar resistance door, climate door, fire proof & smoke protection door or dumb-area / wet-area door? We have all your needs covered.

Get inspired by our large selection and select according to your personal needs. This designing freedom also makes your LEBO door special - from the inside and the outside.

By the way, before we tell you even more about our doors: The LEBO dealer in your area is waiting for you with his LEBO-door assortment. So you can feel which door is right for you.