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Installing doors: LEBO-easy tips and tricks
for the handyperson who is enthusiastic about dream doors

At LEBO, many people work at developing your door - and at making installation easy. Would you like to install your new LEBO-door into your home yourself? Here we explain step by step how easy it is to mount doors with LEBO. After all, we'd like things to be beautiful for you in your home, and also beautifully easy.

We have packed a lot of important information for you in our installation video. Go ahead and take a look for yourself. You can find more videos on our YouTube channel!

Are you ready? So let's begin.

You will find an assembly pouch enclosed in the delivery box. Inside  you will find all the fittings you need to install your door. You should have the following tools ready: Hammer, screwdriver, wood glue, cutter-knife, spreaders, wedges, assembly foam, hexagon socket, spirit level and a large film.

Mounting your frame

Assemble the frame on a large surface or on the ground, following the instructions. Place a large film underneath to prevent from scratches. Check the wall opening for uneven areas before inserting the frame. Extra tip: You can easily smooth out uneven areas in the wall with a small wood panel and glue.

Inserting your frame

Insert the frame vertically into the wall opening and fix it with wedges and spreaders. Use the spirit level to check whether the frame is levelled. Extra tip: If necessary, you can now hide any cables behind the frame. Now insert the door hinge and tighten. You can adjust the desired floor clearance by under-filling or shortening the frame.

Mounting your door leaf

Now remove the protective caps from the lower ends of the door leaf and mount the door. Remove the plastic holders for the key and check the door's closing function. If necessary you can now readjust the hinges. Does your door open and close easily? Wonderful, now demount it. This is very important for the last step.

Finish mounting your door

Now fill the cavities between the walls and the frame with assembly foam. Assemble the decorative facings according to the instructions. Once the assembly foam has hardened after 24 hours, you can simply cut off the protruding remnants with a sharp cutter knife. Then remove the spreaders and wedges. Now put on the decorative facing and tap it until it is in the right position.

Finish mounting the door leaf

Now mount the door leaf again. Place the enclosed cover caps onto the drillings at the height of the door hinges. Now you can firmly mount the door lever with the help of the enclosed instructions. Finally, check whether your door opens and closes well. If necessary, you can readjust the hinges. And that's all.

Congratulations, you did it. LEBO makes mounting doors with instructions very easy. Soon you will start having fun and become more ambitious. Doing-it-yourself really does create happiness. We aren't just saying that, we also mean it - quite honestly.

However, if you really don't feel like doing this manual work: Your LEBO dealer is happy to refer you to an accomplished expert in your area.

By the way, we regularly share new tips and tricks in our LEBO blog. So that door installation is even easier. And so you can enjoy your LEBO door quicker.

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