Door refurbishing: LEBO-easy tips and tricks
and your dream door looks as good as new

Your home is your personal temple of well-being. It's a place where you can be yourself and enjoy the best part of the day with your family and friends. It is obvious that a harmonious ambience makes your living style complete. Perhaps you have selected your furnishing with great care. Painted your walls in your favourite colour. And purchased your carpet on your last vacation. And the old doors? They have been neglected. You don't even like them. They have defects and scratches. Or they are completely out of style.

Something many people don't know: You don't have to put up with old doors or doors that show signs of wear. Refurbishing doors is actually very easy. And it isn't always necessary to disassemble and re-install them. Just a few easy steps can upgrade your living space. So why not make your living style complete - rather than being frustrated by unattractive doors. This is where we tell you how easy it is.

Touch up for your door

Is it a matter of small blemishes? Scratches on the door leaf or chipped lacquer on the frame can be quickly restored with wood fillers and some lacquer paint. Attention! Do you already have a door from LEBO? If it has been scratched, your specialised dealer (where you purchased your LEBO door) is happy to help.

Completely refurbishing your door

Have you decided to get a new door? Fantastic, in this case you also have various refurbishing options. You can just restore the door leaf. However, the frame in the wall should fit the door. If the old frame is made from steel, you can refurbish your door with a steel case frame. It's best to completely replace an old wooden frame - simply and quickly.  Your LEBO dealer is happy to advise you further.

Completely refurbishing your door

It isn't always the colour that is bothersome. Is your door originate from days gone by? Does it simply not match your furnishings? Or the wood on the ceiling? Relax. It is faster to install a new door than to paint the door leaf and frame. And the best part: Thanks to LEBO's style worlds you can find a door that perfectly complements your living space. Take a look and discover the matching pieces that are waiting for you.

Renovate your door with solutions from LEBO.

We show you here how easy it is to install your new door. Your LEBO dealer also has a whole lot of information available for you. It doesn't matter how you'd like to implement your door refurbishing: You will get the easiest, fastest and certainly the best solution with LEBO. As well as a door that you will definitely enjoy opening every day.