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Custom door edges
Combine the surface and edge of your door

Door edges from LEBO are available in three different edge variations: squared, rounded or rounded PF06. Squared edges are possible on all surfaces. The rounded door edge is only available with selected door surfaces. Our post-forming edge is concealed behind the rounded PF06 edge. Here the surface of your door is seamlessly shaped into a rounded edge.

Rounded door edges are generally more resistant than squared ones. It is primarily a question of how you'd like it to look, which is something only you can answer. Whether squared, rounded or rounded PF06: LEBO supplies doors that deliver what they promise. The LEBO dealer in your vicinity is happy to advise you. Would you like to take a look at our surfaces, edges and doors in comfort and become familiar with all the details?

Possible door edges

Squared edge

Premium edge

Rounded edge

Post-forming edge

Lebolit | CPL Collection

Maple (upright)

Beech (upright)

Ash White (upright)

Pearl white

Pearl grey

White 9010

White 9016


Lebolit | CPL Premium-Kollektion

Nordic Oak (upright)

Oak Raw Effect (upright)

Nordic Oak (cross)

Oak Raw Effect (cross)

Cherry Romana (upright)

Oak Vintage (upright)

Cherry Romana (cross)

Oak Vintage (cross)

Aland Pine Polar (upright)

Aland Pine Polar (cross)

Oak winter grey (upright)

Oak knotty (upright)

Lebolit | CPL Nature Collection

Oak Anthracite (upright)

Oak Anthracite (cross)

Sonoma Oak (upright)

Walnut (upright)

Walnut (cross)

Larch limed (upright)

Larch limed (cross)

Lacquer Collection

Mixture Anthracite

Mixture Brown grey

Mixture Olive grey

Mixture Quartz grey

White lacquer 9010

White lacquer 9016

Veneer Collection

Can. Maple Natural (upright)

Beech Markant

Beech Natural (upright

Core Beech (upright)

White Oak Natural (upright)

Veneer Knotty Oak (upright)



Cherry (upright)

Oak Wallis (upright)

Walnut (upright)

Oak Wallis (cross)

Oak Tirol (upright)

Oak Tirol (cross)

Décor Collection


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