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Door surfaces according to your preference
Combine surface features for your door

One thing is certain: No matter what surface you select for your door, with LEBO you receive only the best "Made in Germany" quality. In addition to the look and feel every LEBO door comes with different additional features (CPL, HPL, Veneer, Lacquer). Your surface offers you various advantages and benefits depending on the type and quality. Take a look right now if you like.

If you aren't sure which door features and which surface is right for you: Your closest LEBO dealer is looking forward to your visit. He will provide you with all the comprehensive information about your door, its surface and features. So that you are completely satisfied with your door. And with LEBO.

Special look

Heat resistant

Stain resistant

Light resistant

Multi-coat lacquered

Scratch and wear-proof

Real-wood veneer

Virtually solvent resistant

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