Romania - Sunflower

A high-quality home environment miles away from run-of-the-mill apartments


LEBO products are export-oriented and popular abroad. At the moment, the company is furnishing apartments in Bucharest.

Bucharest. A metropolis with 1.9 million inhabitants in the south of Romania.  This is where the Sunflower Grand Apartments will be built in the following months – equipped with doors by LEBO. “In 2014, we were already involved in a similar project. The Turkish investor and building contractor that built the object back then is also responsible for the construction of the apartment building in Bucharest,” LEBO manager Burkhard Hessing explains. “He got in touch with me and so we are working successfully together for the second time already.”

The 55 apartments are located near the centre of the city, offer exclusive living space and definitely represent an eye-catcher in the cityscape of the large city. The investor wants to offer his customers and the people who are going to live there high-quality central living space, but also safety and functionality. The apartment buyers have the choice between three door models from LEBO. Hessing: “In addition to white lacquer and cottage doors, we also offer all-glass doors that are individually fitted in different apartments.”

Whereas German investors only rarely examine every single building progress personally, it is a natural course of action for investors in Rumania and for the Turkish investor, too, to gain an impression,” Burkhard Hessing says. “He regularly commutes between Istanbul and Bucharest and is personally responsible for the building supervision,” says Hessing. The construction in the centre of Bucharest will probably be completed by the end of 2016. However, the investor is already planning his next project and he is also interested in working together with LEBO. Hessing: “It feels great whenever someone takes the initiative and contacts us. We are already looking forward to further joint projects.”




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