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Bocholt visiting Gifhorn

Achim Krasenbrink (Purchasing Manager), Benedikt Siemen (Head of Product Management) and Mareen Löhr (Product Management Assistant) were guests at the Egger plant in Gifhorn on Monday.

The occasion was this year's "Eggerzum". According the motto "Fusion", the team from Bocholt was the first door manufacturer attending the in-house exhibition this year.

The program consisted a trend view from Mr. Monhoff and a subsequent tour through a specially designed sample gallery for the door industry to visit the new surfaces. Finally, the LEBO team was led through the factory.

What an exciting and stimulating day!



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Achim Krasenbrink (Leiter Einkauf), Benedikt Siemen (Leiter Produktmanagement) und Mareen Löhr...