Kenya - Le‘Mac

22 storeys equipped by LEBO


It‘s probably one of the most award-winning building projects that have been realised in Kenya in recent years: Le‘Mac. A vision. The skyscraper of the decade, according to the website. The door producer LEBO from Bocholt equips the entire construction project with its products.

At the end of July, 1,125 high-quality door elements and handles in different versions were shipped from Rotterdam to Kenya. „In August, the doors reached their destination where they are currently installed,“ manager Burkhard Hessing explains. The first occupancy is planned for the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

In 2013, Burkhard Hessing could already establish first contact with the investors from England and Kenya. „At that time, LEBO was represented at the largest construction trade fair in the Middle East, the Big 5 in Dubai. Here, we had first conversations about the projects in Nairobi,“ says Hessing. The investors of Le‘Mac are not only responsible for the finances.They also play an important part in the planning of the building they invest in. This means that bathrooms were personally selected in Germany, while the matching tiles were ordered in Spain, for example. The African investor also had a close look on the quality of the indoor elements in Bocholt and chose the design himself. The LEBO team from Bocholt supported him in the perfect adaptation of the technical components to the requirements on site.

It‘s the first time that the doors will bear a label. Hessing: „There will be small plates in the frame rebates with „LEBO Germany” written on them. In this way, we won‘t just spread our products, but also our name around the world.“

According to Burkhard Hessing, there’s currently a real building boom in Kenya. “This is also why there are many foreigners in Kenya, as well as in the country’s biggest city Nairobi. An apartment complex like Le’Mac offers highest standards of living and everything you need is just around the corner,” says Hessing. The building is 22 storeys high and has a lot to offer apart from the luxury apartments on the eighth to the twentieth floor: four underground parking levels, stores, a café on the ground floor and a “Sky Club” on the 21st and 22nd floor. Here you can find restaurants, a swimming pool, a fitness studio, as well as a wellness and spa area.

With that, Le’Mac forms a great contrast to the local way of living in East Africa and surely is an incomparable building project.



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