Deine Mitarbeiter
Dein Verkaufspotenzial

Man lernt nie aus. Ständiges Training Deiner Mitarbeiter (und gerne auch Weiterverarbeiter) ist unverzichtbar, gerade bei so einem komplexen Thema wie Türelementen. Ein Besuch an einem unserer Standorte lohnt sich daher immer!

BAU 2019 Nachlese

LEBO zieht ein positives Fazit der BAU 2019. Sowohl der Zuspruch der Fachhändler als auch die Besucherfrequenz insgesamt lagen auf dem LEBO-Stand deutlich über der Planung.

Neben den interessierten Besuchern, die LEBO noch nicht kannten ...

Ausbildung bei LEBO

Praxisphase für kaufmännische Auszubildende

Die dreijährige Ausbildung zum Industriekaufmann bzw. zur Industriekauffrau beinhaltet neben den theoretischen Berufsschulzeiten derzeit den „Durchlauf“ folgender Abteilun ...

Your employees
Your sales potential

You never stop learning! Since door sets are a very complex field, the constant training of your employees and workers is key.

When visiting one of our facilities, you’ll learn what it takes to manufacture doors and frames out of the ra ...

PEFC Recertification
Bocholt and Krakow am See

We are very happy to announce that both of our facilities have successfully been recertified according to the PEFC standards by an independent auditor. You want to know more about our PEFC certificates and sustainability in general? No probl ...

Merry Christmas
and a happy new year

Dear business partners and friends of LEBO GmbH,

Another year has gone by - Christmas and the new year are just around the corner. This is the reason why we want to thank you for the good collaborative relationship and the trust placed ...

An important door opens to us ...
LEBO is granted AEO-C!

After becoming a Registered Exporter (REX) within the free trade agreement CETA a few weeks ago, we now enjoy additional customs privileges as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-C), for a fast and reliable service towards our customers outside the European Community - as the FIRST and currently ONLY interior door manufacturer in Germany...

Office availability
at the end of the year

Christmas is almost there and there are still so many things to do…

The LEBO team will answer your questions about products, offers, orders and deliveries until Friday, Dec.22nd,2017, 2pm. After that we close our doors and wil ...